Fred C. Aartsen
+31 180 432 690
Martin Groenendijk
+31 153 611 570
Ted van Breugel
+31 184 669 161
Dennis Hoekman
+31 102 182 406
What we do
Our core-business is ascertaining the nature, the extent and the cause of damage with respect to goods in transit, equipment, trailers, dry cargo containers and tank containers...
Our experts
Our company avails itself of experts listed with the NIVRE-organization. They earn the title register-expert. Due to the 'éducation permanente' initiated by NIVRE, the know-how...
Inventing of precautionary measures, is to be considered our second nature. Since the beginning of the 90's we are performing prevention projects to reduce...
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Project and realisation: WWW.KAMPEKI.EU

With respect to all our activities the NIVRE terms of delivery are applicable, which terms of delivery can be downloaded with following link.